Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Post 2: Storyboard Drawing, Shot Sizes and Framing

Here is my storyboard drawing of some different shot sizes. Different shot sizes can be used to show different things, for example a close up of a face may be used when the photographer/film maker want to show emotion. 

I also used a camera to show the different shot sizes.

Extreme Close Up (ECU)
Close Up (CU)
Medium Close Up (MCU)
Medium Shot (MS)
3/4 Shot
Medium Long Shot (MLS)

Long Shot (LS)

 The Rule of Thirds is a rule that can be used in order to make the framing of a photograph or shot look correct. This is a link which I have found that can be useful when learning how to use the rule.

These are two photos which I have taken to demonstrate the Rule of Thirds. Some of the photos follow the rule whilst others break it.

The Rule of Thirds states that the main subject of the image shout not be in the middle of the shot like is shown in the first photo and instead it should with the vertical lines such as is shown in the second photo. This adds a sense of direction to the image and means that the image does not look as if it has been cut off. Sometimes cropping a photo can make it follow the Rule of Thirds. I have shown this below as en example. In the original image the eyes are in the middle of the frame where as in the cropped version they are against the top horizontal line.

Original Image
Cropped Image

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